Appreciating an Appreciator: How Kind Thou Art!

When I speak to a group of people, there’s awarm energetic connection and instant feedback. By contrast, painting, like writing is a solitary endeavor. It’s so lovely to hear from people who enjoy the art whether they buy it for their homes or simply let me know that they enjoy it. Heartfelt thanks to the visitor to our area who shared these kind words:

“Hey Kanta! I was on way my home for the holidays with my friend who lives in Roanoke Virginia. And we went to watch Perks of Being A Wallflower at the [Grandin]theatre and when I got to the second floor, I was amazed.You artwork captivated me in so many ways.I loved the vivid colors you used and the different signs as well that represented different words. I just wanted to say great work and I hope I can stop by and see more of it one day! It was beautiful. Made my whole entire 10 hour drive back home worth it!”

The Grandin show will be up through the end of the year, so if you’re in SW VA, come out and a see a movie and my happywild folk art ! Including a minivideo by Pixelscore to whet your appetite! ♥

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