Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Floyd, New River Valley, Roanoke Wedding Officiant Rev. Kanta Bosniak is a minister, author, artist, and recording artist of guided imagery.

She is a leader in the personal growth field, originator of The Becoming Process, a transformational model for full-tilt life and expert in the use of Abundance Triggers, a term she coined for visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and other tools you can use to shift your state from negative thinking to feeling good and attracting more to feel good about.

Kanta presents workshops in arts-based learning and human potential development that assist the participant to enter a heightened state of focused awareness, sometimes referred to as the “Alpha” or “Flow” state.

The common thread that weaves through her books, audiobooks, art, clothing and product designs, presentations, wedding and baptismal ceremonies, blog, and guided imagery recordings is this state of joyous connection that supports vibrant, meaningful life. It’s all about the happy. Finding it, enjoying it, and celebrating it!

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